1. The best of all possible worlds for Rachel and John.

  2. Can we still dream even if we’re awake?

  3. dream or reality. I still don’t know. I’m still not sure. 

  4. falling like John Constantine.

  5.  Monsters are real or monsters are us?

  6. be a doctor.

  7. No up, no down.

  8. A mess. Literally.

  9.  Never forget. Always remember. That’s very me.

  10. curao-posteo-mejor  The feeling you feel. Right now. It doesn’t fit completely. I’m not sure. I’m dead or alive. It’s all like a nebula. Everything is in a box. I’m in a box too of course.  And thank you for an answer. You’re most welcome here. 

  11. Somebody tell me. Is this a dream? Am I the dream?

  12. Dream leaves a star. An actual star. Again.

  13. beyond the body.

  14. Constantine leaves his friend.

  15. The Doctor hopes. The Doctor fails.