1. This is how John Constantine loves.

    This is how John Constantine loves.

  2. anybody there?

  3. Soon I will return with brand new Hellblazer, Lucifer, Swamp Thing, Sandman and stuffs like that. Until that time, survive and live.

  4. feels like an outlander of this time. cause this time is strange. it’s like a matter which you can touch and you can not touch at the same time. you always know it’s there but you can not point it. 

  5. Lucifer’s first rebellion.

  6. fell into Hell.

    fell into Hell.

  7. He needs you, that’s very me.

  8. Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts.

  9. little hope.

  10. Anonymous said: Sevimlisin iyisin o manada.

  11. Gods, Demons, Souls and Angels. They all desire The Hell.

  12. Dream and Lucifer talk about Lucifer’s past.

  13. I might be your best friend and still you don’t even know it.

  14. I feel like I died in WW1 or WW2 a long time ago. That’s why I can not live this age. I can not breathe it’s air. The only thing I can do is remember. And never forget once I was a human being.

  15. I feel like Constantine now. Now.